Textile Dyes And Auxiliaries in Delhi

There are a huge number of auxiliary providers in the market or the industry, but not all give high quality. We are among the providers of textile dyeing auxiliaries in the country. And we claim to be better than all for reasons. The products manufactured by us are performance-oriented and high in quality. They are perfect for the purpose they are made and purchased for. So come see the products and try them with your fabrics and fibres. We, manufacturers of textile dyes and auxiliaries in Delhi, assure you that you will find them great. Here you are going to get everything in solutions for chemical processing of varying fabrics, fibres, yarns as well as finished articles. There are excellent quality products in auxiliaries no matter what your needs are.

Pretreatment auxiliaries

They carry various great features, some of which are mentioned below:

  • They are highly absorbent formulations.
  • They are also low-foaming formulations, very suitable for the tasks.
  • Come with excellent binding capacities.
  • Good wetting efficiency for great results.
  • Eco-friendly in nature, something you can be proud to be using in your work.
  • Approved with none other than GOTS, so everything is proven.
  • Free of APEO as well as NPEO, so causing no harm.

Dyeing auxiliaries

Following are the features or characteristics possessed by these products, the textile dyeing auxiliaries in Delhi. Here you go:

  • A wide range of such products is available right here with us.
  • They come with excellent levelling properties for perfect results throughout the process.
  • They are good for producing uniform distribution of dye.
  • Furthermore, these auxiliaries have another interesting feature, they have high soaping ability.
  • They also have good washing off abilities with them.
  • The products have come for you after being approved by the GOTS.

Finishing agents or finishing auxiliaries

Again, following list is to give you details on our textile finishing auxiliaries in Delhi:

  • There is a range offered to you here in silicone as well as non-silicone specialty softeners.
  • You get products that are tailor made for the industry only, so they are extremely useful for you.
  • The finishing auxiliaries let you enjoy a wide range of application, that will be dependent upon the type of finish you’ll need for a fabric or garment.
  • They also offer you with versatile finishes.
  • The range of the finishes goes from exhaustible and inexhaustible to hydrophobic and oleophobic finishes.
  • Furthermore, these products are known to impart a premium feel for the products.
  • They allow them to be highly elastic.
  • Again, they also allow for an excellent amount of softness in them.
  • They come with a low-yellowing factor as well as cost efficient measures to save costs you would have otherwise incurred.


So, we see, there is everything you are ever going to require for this kind of industry. In case you need such products, then contact us to receive the excellent range of auxiliaries manufactured by our experts and experienced team of people. So contact us now to get the best deal ever for any kind of textile dyeing auxiliaries in Delhi.

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