Speciality Chemicals Distributors in Delhi

We, the speciality chemicals industry in Delhi, are a company providing speciality chemicals with a high-quality product line. Each product is made with the purpose of meeting your needs or requirements. We carry great technical expertise that spans across a huge variety of processing solutions as well as formulation technologies. All this is responsible for making us one of the most preferred vendors for the biggest names in this industry.

A mission that we work within minds

We, at the NanoTech Chemical Brothers, carry a common mission. And that is to offer the highest value to our clients through the products we manufacture and sell. We give importance to sustainability, profitability as well as environmental responsibility as well while in the process of carrying out each and every task.

Our infrastructure

We, speciality chemicals distributors in Delhi, are located in the city of Mumbai, India. And that is where our manufacturing plant exists. We have an expert team of doctorates and chemical engineers who carry their responsibility of overseeing this whole plant carefully. Talking about the strength and capacity of this plant, it has the ability to provide a very high standard processing. Its manufacturing capacity goes up to 30000MT per annum.

Our specialized team

We are a team in the speciality chemicals industry in Delhi that brings a huge experience with it. There are members of the team of our with great skills, required knowledge as well as experience. They comprise of passionate leaders, logisticians, skilled technical staff, creative sales, smart business developers as well as knowledgeable staff and marketing personnel.

Research and Development

Having gained a great reputation, its credit goes to our commitment to R&D. We have a well-equipped laboratory along with all necessary equipment including those like distillation and extraction units. There are vacuum chambers and high-end stirrers along with laboratory-grade dissolvers. We make sure there is rapid prototyping of all our products, the analysis as well as application technology.

Maintenance of quality standards

Here, a thorough analysis is done with the products before they are sent to you. Also, the products are as per the needs of the clients and not something different and of less use. We carry out procedures that are well-documented as well as that are standard operating ones. We all follow the procedures sincerely. Also, the performance of the products along with their quality and specifications, everything is checked before the final dispatch.

Our list of compliances

Our list of compliances involves the following:

  1. ISO 9001:2008
  2. REACH
  3. GOTS
  4. OEKO-TEK.

Product and services offered by us

There is a huge range of products as well as services that we offer to all our clients or customers. We mainly carry out the manufacturing and distribution of pretreatment and dyeing auxiliaries, thread lubricants, personal care aides as well as LSR – silicone inks. Furthermore, we also provide you with products and services for application in a huge range of industries. So, our products are suitable for industries such as conventional textiles and technical textiles, rubber as well as sewing thread.

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