Research & Development

In house research
based innovation

Research & Development is lead by Dr. Vijay Shirke who is a Post Doctorate in organic chemistry from Bombay University (1987). In 1988-89, done diploma in Marine Pollution Chemistry from University of Liverpool. Ex-Director in Maharashtra Pollution Board (1989 – 1991). His forte lies in innovations and their applications.

We have research partnerships across the country and have been working with various scientists for

  • Technology Transfer / Sponsored Research
  • Scaling up these technologies / Institutional Collaborations
  • Promoting innovation, knowledge and leading-edge skills

We are relentless in our endeavor to harness the power of R&D as an important asset that has always lead us as we carve a path into the future. Our R&D centers in Ludhiana, Mumbai and Gurugram offer first-class facilities with market-focused expertise.

We carry out exhaustive testing of our products, application technology and analysis. Product improvements cover all efforts to optimize existing products. We work on optimizing products and manufacturing processes in close collaboration with our customers. All of the company activity is geared towards a total respect for the environment and related safety issues. Sustainability is at the core of our research-based innovation.

Our robust R&D capabilities are at the core of our application services across all our verticals.

  • Textile Processing: We have latest equipment which is a mini-version of an industrial scale setting used to perform tests to check the performance of the fabric before it is processed in the factory.
  • Garment Printing: The lab is fully equipped with latest testing and manual screen printing machine to create simulation sampling which helps manufacturers to gauge the print results of products’ performance on their final product.
  • Silicone Colourant Customisation: We customise colours for hard rubber beyond our standard colour shades as per the customers’ demand.

Our R&D team are dedicated set of professionals focussed on creating best possible innovations using various raw materials sourced from our suppliers. They have pioneered the science of troubleshooting to overcome the challenges that arise during process development.

The technical (application) services team is always up to take up the challenges faced by the customers at their site or create prototypes as per their needs. Problem solving approach is what we rely on when it comes to innovating for or with the customers.