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An exemplary manufacturer of private label cosmetics in India

We claim to be the top manufacturers when it comes to the private label cosmetics in the country and that is not without genuine proof. We have been in the service and production for quite a time and know the do’s and don’ts of the same very well. Our company has been able to make its place in the vast market due to its genuineness and high quality products.

We, private label cosmetics manufacturers in India strive to be better than ourselves, that is we not only compete with the outside competitive companies, but also with our own past quality and performance. The company has been into the manufacturing of different kinds of products, some of which are the cosmetics. So let us discuss more about the cosmetic products manufactured by us.

Cosmetics manufacturing by us at the Chemical Brothers

There are a vast number of cosmetics manufactured by us at the Chemical Brothers. We make use of specialty ingredients in our personal care products or the cosmetics. We, best Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturers India produce products that have specialty ingredients which come with physical properties, that are the inactive ingredients and functional properties that have the active ingredients.

Below are some of the cosmetic related information:

  • Specialty and basic activities: Bicosomes is one new lipid delivery platform that are the active encapsules. They are formed with two different lipid assemblies as well. There are many examples in this category like all others. The two assemblies are the internal disc shaped structures while the other one is an external bilayer vesicle.
  • Cosphatec’s multifunctional and other products: This is about the manufacturing and supply of high quality raw materials for the help to cosmetics industry, while offering high quality preservatives, antioxidants, multifunctionals as well as emulsifiers. They also come with many examples, each differing in functions such as masking, skin conditioning, water soluble, antimicrobial and much more.
  • Naturochim’s exotic butter, waxes, scrubs and oils: This includes a lot of aspects such as natural plant activities along with essential oils, restoring, hydrating and revitalising, using alone or combining into formulation and omega oil and mineral rich as well as healing and therapeutic properties.
  • Silicone and blends: Silicones are used in personal care applications and are composed of none other than the cyclic, organo functional as well as linear polydimethylsiloxanes. The molecules contain emulsifying, rheology as well as stabilizing modifying properties that impart soft feel along with high spreadability.

Besides the above there are surfactants as well as emulsifiers, fragrances and flavours, peel off masks along with suncare and other products like rheology modifiers and conditioning agents.


There are numerous products in cosmetics that are ayurvedic for those who prefer just the ayurvedic products only. This way we, private Label Organic Cosmetic Manufacturers in India get a whole lot of options in the cosmetics that are private labelled, we being the manufacturers of private labelled cosmetics in the country.

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