Manufacturer of speciality chemicals in Delhi

Have you been looking for some great company to provide you with speciality chemicals for stuff such as textiles and threads? Do you need some organization which is trustworthy as well as reliable in terms of its services and products, their quality and price? Well, if that is the case, then you have surely come to the right place. That’s because we are a manufacturer of speciality chemicals in Delhi. And we assure great quality and affordability regarding all products and services. We check all stuff before it dispatches to reach you.

There are several reasons to choose us and some of them are discussed below.

Why choose us?

There are so many speciality chemical manufacturing companies in Delhi out there, then the question is why to choose us only. We offer you the best quality in all these products. We also ensure complete responsibility for each and every product. The following reasons justify you choosing us for the work:

  • We provide a diverse array of products for you to use in a wide range of industries.
  • Our products are suitable for so many industries such as rubber, conventional textile, technical textiles, sewing thread and more.
  • There is the complete surety of quality, reasonable prices, timely production and delivery and more.
  • The products are a result of great Research and Development work.
  • Also, there is a very sincere and focussed team that takes care of all the tasks.

For all these and more reasons, we claim to be the best. We are located in Mumbai, India.

Some products manufactured by us

As said, we, the manufacturer of speciality chemicals in Delhi, present to you such a wide array of products to be used in different industries. Many of these products are mentioned in our below list:

  • Textile wet-processing aides: They can be used for the chemical processing of varying types of fabrics and yarns, fibres and finished articles. This includes pretreatment auxiliaries along with dyeing auxiliaries and finishing agents.
  • Speciality finishes: This has a comprehensive range with high durability and a great appearance. This includes cosmo-textiles, water-less finishing, antimicrobials, anti-wrinkle finish and oil and water repellent finish.
  • Thread lubricants: They reduce friction as well as needle heat on the sewing threads. Furthermore, they work to deposit a stainless coating on the thread, which cools down the needle while preventing thread breakage.
  • Technical textiles: Last but not least, this category of products manufactured by us works for giving a great technical performance. This is high in durability and tenacity as well as carries great functional properties. These products are also to provide you with a perfect balance between mechanical and chemical properties as needed by so many industries these days.

Therefore, if you are in need of any of such products and related services for your industry, contact us without hesitation. We are always there to serve you as one of the best speciality chemicals manufacturing companies in Delhi with all that we have and we do. So call us anytime to get the best deal.

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