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The use of personal care products in India has been increased in a decade. Many young male and female customers use a variety of products to pamper their skins to get a youthful and glowing appearance. The range of these products is vast and the demand is continuously increasing at a rapid rate. Mac personal care Pvt limited India is a professional manufacturer and supplier of cosmetic products. It offers an abundance of personal care products such as:

  • Skin creams and moisturizers
  • Lipsticks
  • Perfumes and deodorants
  • Facial make-up foundations
  • Hair gels and creams
  • Shampoos and conditioners
  • Sunscreen lotions
  • Body lotions
  • And much more

Due to providing a widespread array of personal care products, we have become a recognized brand in India. We are catering to the needs of the wide consumer market and are also serving as third-party manufacturers to cosmetic brands that do not have adequate production resources and packaging materials.

Our primary objectives:

To deliver products of the highest quality

We have the sole objective to deliver personal care products that are made with the highest quality raw materials to deliver the best results to the end-users. All of our cosmetic range is comprised of natural ingredients that are safe to all types of skin texture and appearance. We have a professional team of engineers that give utmost priority to the quality of products while formulation and manufacturing.

They pay attention to the regular testing of ingredients and chemicals to be used in the products. It enables them to make sure that the products do not contain any harmful substance and will remain soft and delicate on the skin of consumers. Mac personal care Pvt limited India is also committed to delivering cosmetics that have top-notch properties to render the best results to the users.

On-time manufacturing and delivery

We understand that the demand for cosmetic products in India is aggressive. The cosmetic industry requires a persistent supply chain to serve the needs of a large number of consumers. So, we have set the target to manufacture and supply the personal care products in large quantities. We have our own production house that is laced with modern machinery and experienced manpower to maintain the rapid speed of cosmetic manufacturing. We also have modern packaging solutions to provide secure handling of products for regular supply to customers in a decent manner.

To deliver value for money 

We have a strong vision to deliver our customers with the value for money. All of our cosmetic range has effective utilization. We manufacture products by keeping in mind the harsh weather conditions of India, so our face wash, creams, and lotions are non-greasy and are equipped with the top-quality silicone to provide a smooth finish and soft touch to the skin. Our shampoos and hair serums are also paraben-free to deliver smooth conditioning to hairs without making them dry. We know that how it is difficult to earn money, so we are committed to providing complete value for money to our customers through our quality personal care product range in India.

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