Isohexadecane Supplier in India

Isohexadecane is a popular ingredient that is widely used in the personal care products. It is a component of petroleum that acts as a cleaning agent in most of the skin care products. The component is known for its properties as it has low toxicity, low skin irritation, and no odor. It works as a cleanser and is highly recommended by the dermatologists to use in make-up cosmetics. It has an emollient that can hold the make-up on the skin surface for a prolonged period and also beneficial to use in skin moisturizers, concealers, and foundations to give a soft feel and prevent from rashes.

We at Chemical Brothers are the leading isohexadecane suppliers in India. We are contributing to the growth of the cosmetic industry since 2003 by supplying active ingredients to manufacturers of skin care products. Skin care is essential as it is an important part of the body. We are committed to developing pioneering, defendable, and high-performance ingredients that are beneficial for cosmetic users. There are a number of moisturizers, skin cleansing creams, and concealers that are equipped with this safe ingredient. If you are a manufacturer of cosmetic products in India, then you can consult with us to get a regular supply of this active ingredient.

Get a supply of the high-end ingredient

As a top isohexadecane supplier in India, we understand the responsibility to deliver high-end ingredients that offers excellent results when it comes to cleaning, spreading, and protecting the skin. Our intelligent and dedicated chemical engineers and researchers extensively test isohexadecane in our modern testing lab to ensure the safe formulation and usability for a variety of skin care products. We render regular supply of isohexadecane to cosmetic manufacturers in India to be used in products like:

  • Sunscreens and UV protectors
  • Make-up foundations
  • Lip products
  • Make-up removers
  • And deodorants

These are widely used products by Indian consumers, so we have taken the mission to deliver the best quality to the users.

We believe in industry leadership

At Chemical Brothers, our company has gained high recognition in the cosmetic industry for delivering the best solutions, resources, and serving cosmetic manufacturers as trusted partners for the long term. Though, it was not easy to become leading and trusted isohexadecane suppliers in India. But, our determination and keenness towards producing and supplying superior ingredients for cosmetic products have derived us professionally to achieve this status.

Customized ingredient solutions

Working as the giant isohexadecane supplier in India, we are committed to providing our full support to cosmetic manufacturers. We are capable to form customized ingredients as per the specific needs of the cosmetic industry. As a cosmetic manufacturer, you can get bespoke ingredient formulation to be used in cosmetics and can get assistance for formulation development. Our research and development team is well-qualified and experienced enough to conduct evaluations for the safety and efficiency of isohexadecane ingredients. It ensures that the ingredient will offer the best results in combination with the user-end product that will help your brand to gain trust and customer loyalty for a long run.

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