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Homosalate is a popular natural compound that belongs to the chemical salicylate. It is majorly used in the sun screen lotions due to its properties to prevent UV rays from skin penetration. It can build a protective layer on the skin surface to protect its natural moisture and act as a shield against harmful UV rays. In India, the demand for sun screen products is on rising. The harsh weather conditions especially during the summer season have accelerated the demand for these skin care products significantly. Chemical Brothers are the top homosalate manufacturer in India to cater to the needs of sun screen producers and delivering quality UV products in extensive quantity.

We can provide you with a continuous supply of homosalate to use for the production of user-end sun screen creams and lotions. Our vision to complete the need for the best chemical ingredients has gained us the reputation as the largest homosalate suppliers in India. If you have requirements for this organic compound then you can consult with us to begin an endless journey that leads to the growth of your business. There are numerous reasons to choose us as the purveyor for homosalate in India so let’s take a look at the below points.

We have innovative technology and excellent talent

  • At Chemical Brothers, we always believe in emerging technology to keep ourselves updated as per the recent business standards. When it comes to manufacturing homosalate compounds for sun screens and UV protection products, we employ modern tools for testing, formulation, and manufacturing. Our expert team of chemical engineers has the full insight to test the capabilities and properties of the compound to ensure that it will work effectively.
  • We derive it from salicylic acid and trimethylcyclohexanol and use the right composition to produce the required amount. Salicylate acts to protect the skin from harmful UV rays and work to absorb the sun screen lotion in the skin fast. It is perfectly blended with properties and modern techniques to provide a sun shield to Indian consumers for the protection of skin from sun tanning and burning. The top formulation and quality assurance has primed us as the best Indian salicylate homosalate manufacturers.

A widespread enterprise

  • Chemical Brothers is not a small business entity but is a widespread manufacturing company. We have expanded our network throughout India by collaborating with a number of manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers of sun protection products. We have ample perception to establishing as the leading salicylate homosalate manufacturers in India has geared up our passion, talent, and goals to meet the requirements of the cosmetic industry for chemical ingredients.
  • We can provide customized services in regard to the development, production, and marketing of chemicals. Product quality is the life of our company, so we have established the quality control system that enables us to grow as the greater homosalate suppliers in India.

Reasonably priced chemicals

We have an in-house production plant that allows us to produce homosalate for our customers at reasonable rates. We offer our services at competitive market rates.

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