Dermasist Innovation Lab

We help Beauty Brands Formulate!

Dermasist: The personal care application laboratory

Dermasist stands for “Derma” which is another term for Dermis (meaning skin) and “Asist” comes from our assistance in helping our clients with development of skin care products along with their other requirements for hair care, bath & body and colour cosmetic products.

Why Dermasist?

  1. Formulate Better – Products that are aligned with the latest trends in the international market, products with better feel and aesthetics, increased efficacy, creating a story behind your concepts, know-how on compliance and regulations.
  1. We help brands to set up manufacturing units and/or outsource manufacturing of end products from third parties by connecting brands and manufacturers as per their locational, logistical, operational, quality and quantity preferences.
  1. Seamless integration with testing partners who will help you with clinical trials.
  1. We go a step ahead to ensure that our brand partner/client is able     to launch their brand in the market with ease.  As an innovation lab we serve existing clients, personal care brand owners, third party manufacturers, and especially the start-ups emerging in the field of personal care products by helping them formulate skincare, haircare, bath & body, and colour cosmetic products using natural ingredients.
  1. Various testing services are offered for finished products
  1. It’s an independent application laboratory and customer experience innovation centre that works around
  •     Prototyping for customers
  •     Problem solving
  •     Creating concepts
  •     Help startups build their brand and product