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Our Core Values

Focus on self-growth

At NTCB, the primary objective of any individual should be to focus on his or her growth.

Humility across the hierarchy

In this organization, being humble is as important as breathing. We are continuously striving to create an eco-system where we benefit the all aspects of humanity.

Customer’s opinion is a prime

A consistent effort to improve the customer service, timely feedbacks and reviews will define the organization’s growth.

about us

We're a team of scientists who are excited about unique ideas.

Nano Tech Chemical Brothers was established in 1995, in the city of Ludhiana, state of Punjab, India. We began with trading of textile chemicals, with main customers being big names like Vardhman and Winsome. It all began with just 4 people team led by our founder Vishal Vinayak.

The year was 2003 when the company took its first major step towards expansion to manufacture textile processing aides and brand Nano Tech Chemical Brothers was created.Next 10 years were focussed on building blocks of the future which fructified in 2015 with the commencement of manufacturing of silicone colourants under the brand Csilment in India in scientific collaboration with European Research Consultancy.

Keeping in mind the future needs and to harness structural and operational synergies due to expansion in business today we have 4 specialised divisions, which cater to

  • Textile Processing Aides
  • Garment Printing Inks
  • Personal Care Ingredients
  • Industrial Rubber Products



To develop environmentally sustainable products and solutions with continuous reduction in carbon footprint to make this world a healthier place.


Create a world class specialty chemicals Indian multinational, which createsequal opportunities for all while creating a value chain for our customers, society and country with strict adherence to internationally accepted standards.

Our Catalysts

Leadership team.

Vishal Vinayak

Vishak Vinayak

Position: Managing Director

“A master of all and jack of none”- Mr. Vishal Vinayak, has been experiencing his life at 360 degrees.


Born on April 13, 1966 in Mumbai, he went on to complete his schooling in Dehradun and later moved to Punjab. 

A multifaceted personality he plays the guitar, is an adventure motorbike rider who has participated in several national and international motorbike rallies. An ardent follower of naturopathy and natural living is a proponent of the art of natural living, preventive and alternate medicine. An ambition to do more than being professionally successful lead serve the needy by becoming a member of the Rotary Club.

His professional career began when he joined his father in business while pursuing his post-graduation. Later, joined a pharmaceutical company as a medical representative. He quit the job of medical representative to start his own entrepreneurial journey by setting up a specialty chemicals company. Minimal experience and knowledge in the field wasn’t a deterrent.

Willingness to learn and improve made him into an outstanding leader and a successful entrepreneur. A futuristic mindset and ever-expanding vision has made NTCB an astounding success and today is synonymous with the specialty chemicals industry and business associations across more than 20 countries. 

Talking about his spiritual journey and for his name, ‘Sadhu In Jeans’, describes his philosophy of life aptly; ‘Learn the best of all the worlds’. His motto ‘Life is a self-exploratory journey of realising limitless potential’ applies to the self-evolution of human beings.

A regular practitioner of mediation and yoga, he has been under a Moun Vrat (Fasting of Speech) for over a period of 40 days, which lead him to evolve his inner quest for truth and knowing his eternal-self. His desire to gain knowledge has led him to travel across the world.

Subject of business management is close to his heart, he actively mentors and motivates young students and aspiring entrepreneurs in their professional journey.

Vishak Vinayak

Managing Director

“A master of all and jack...

Dr. Gopika Vinayak

Dr Gopika Vinayak

Position: Director

Dr Gopika Vinayak is an otolaryngologist. She completed her M.S in the field Of ENT and Head & Neck surgery and was awarded with gold medal in thesis for her research work .She has various publications in international journals and working on different research projects in naturopathy. She finds her interest in the field of Bio-Chemistry and working with Nano Tech Chemical Brothers she takes up the responsibility for the area of research and development.

Dr Gopika Vinayak


Dr Gopika Vinayak is an otolaryngologist....

utsav vinayak

Utsav Vinayak

Position: Director

Utsav Vinayak


Shail Vinayak

Shail Vinayak

Position: Chief Executive Officer

Shail Vinayak is Chief Executive Officer of Nano Tech Chemical Brothers Pvt. Ltd. Under his direction, the company is now moving forward to achieve its goal of making further contributions to our customers and society, always focusing on our company’s slogan of “Values Before Profit”.   He holds a degree in chemical engineering from Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune and a master of management from S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research. He is a self-learned business professional and responsible for spearheading the non-textile business and handling the personal care department in the company. He also looks after the strategic management, identify the new opportunities for continuous growth of the company and actively participating in all aspects of business development and management from operations and finance to marketing and human resource. He believes mindfulness in the workplace is key to success and he lives out through his interests in yoga, meditation, music, and traveling.

Shail Vinayak

Chief Executive Officer

Shail Vinayak is Chief Executive Officer...

Harsh Kumar

Harsh Kumar

Position: Executive Director - Sales

Harsh Kumar is an Executive Director – Sales. He joined this company back in 2003. Carrying strong business understanding and analytical knowledge, he has made himself expert in silicone chemistry application. He closely works with the top management and determine an appropriate sales strategy, identify industry trends, optimize business opportunities, create a lucrative sales target or networks and generates revenues for the company. He is responsible for handling various projects in Garment Printing Inks & Textile Auxiliary division. He has made various unique formulations at his own and combinations of different raw materials to make the innovative final products as per the customer needs, applications of silicone rubber in multiple industries, product development in textile for yarn, fibres and sewing threads. His passion to see the organisation in top chemical companies is making him travel to any part of the world to find any business growth opportunity. He holds an MBA degree from Symbiosis International, Pune.

Harsh Kumar

Executive Director - Sales

Harsh Kumar is an Executive Director...

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